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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Pocket University- **SOLD**

**SOLD** 26 volumes of The Pocket University, 

Written in 1921, these small hardcover books cover most of the famous authors, as well as a lot of authors I have never heard of.  Well, maybe you have heard of  some of them, but I haven't.  I started counting the number of authors in the index, and it was like counting railroad cars. I lost track after 50, and I had only gotten half way through the "B"s.
Of course there are plenty of well known names of prose, biography, and poetry, like Lincoln, Browning, Milton, and Stevenson. I was surprised to see how many women writers were included. This collection was ahead of it's time! In the final book are essays on reading, and a day to day guide on how to get  all the material read in a year.

Enjoy this little "university" for only $60. ( It was $100 earlier)  Look for it in it's own little box under the card table.